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IELTS Dubai, How to Choose a Training institute?

There are many IELTS training institutes in Dubai that offer very good to satisfactory training services in terms of quality. IELTS is one of the most challenging English Test and is a must for students planning to migrate/study to most western countries.
Selecting a training centre out of the numerous options available is quite a difficult and perplexing task. It is paramount to understand what your needs and requirements are, before you even start thinking about an institution. Once you understand the direction you need to take, the following points need to be considered in determining the best training centre in Dubai for your needs:
·         Accreditation by KHDA
·         Quality and experience of the teaching staff
·         Teaching/Learning Methodologies
·         Facilities and amenities
·         Class Schedules and how they fit in with your time
·         Prior record of the Centre including Student Testimonials
·         Reasonable fee structure
·         Provision of transportation facility