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AutoCAD training in dubai

Course Overview T h i s c o u r s e p r o v i d e s a b r o a d understanding of AutoCAD from basic to advance. It focuses on concepts to draw, design, and draft as well as editing, and pr int ing drawings . Thus helping profes s ional s to c reate s tunning AutoCAD 2D drawings (civil). This cour se prepares profes s ional s t o understand a wide variety of ideas, concepts and solutions of AutoCAD drawing. In a fast-changing world, this course encapsulates a rare combination of keen creativity and specialist practical skills. The core objective is to enable you to become a professionally qualified designer. This course is designed by qualified and experienced professionals which lead you to latest technology and job trends. Who should attend? Designers, Engineers, architects or anyone interested to excel in AutoCAD or whose job depends on drawings or sketches to convey information or ideas.